23 May 2007

Best Star Son and other such awards

Star TV has its own awards for Indian Television called the Star Parivaar Awards

It has categories like Saas , Bahu ,Sautan , Beta , Sasur , Beti , Patni , Pati , Jodi , Khalnayak

I would recommend some for the next year's numerous film awards:

1. Best Star Son (rolling trophy for AB Jr.)

2. Best Star Daughter (Kareena vs Esha)

3. Best Bahu (Aishwarya)

4. Best Saas (Jaya Bachchan)

5. Best Upbeat ex lover (toss up between Salman and Viviek Oberoi)

6. Best Wedding( Ash -Abhishek for the next five years)

7. Most Brands endorsed (Amitabh Vs Shah Rukh)

8. Best divorced star rediscovering his kids (Aamir or Saif)

9. Best foot in the mouth ( Life time achievement for Amar Singh)

Any more categories you can think of?

1 comment:

gautam chintamani said...

You missed the Best Family award for the Bachchans!

Living life as if 'Every-Moment-Is-A-Kodak-Moment' will ensure no opposition!