13 May 2007

The email hierarchy

When Hotmail appeared I signed up like an eager beaver to mail silly notes to my friends. Then came Yahoo! Mail and I moved on there. It did not help that Microsoft had bought Hotmail and I thought now it would stop being free etc.

About three years back I signed onto Gmail and became a fan. I hardly use Yahoo! anymore since it does not offer half the features that Gmail has.

Nowadays, when somebody gives me his or her email account, I quickly size them up in the email hierarchy. If it is an office account, they are higher up. Gmail of course means that we are equals. Yahoo means the person is about few years behind on internet literacy. Hotmail means the person is a dinosaur as far as I am concerned. So much so that I got my parents to open their accounts on Gmail. Never mind they still use it like Hotmail.

Do you have an email hierarchy?


Anu said...

Funny... A similar discussion S & I had only day before yesterday! To tell you the truth, I don't feel the need of using my gmail (since I am way up in the hierarchy with work email address) but I am sure it will be my fav when its time to move on from snooty yale!

gautam chintamani said...

Strangely I never really got around using Hotmail. The first e-mail I used was Excite (what a crazy logo!) Later I did open one at Hotmail but didn't stick around for too long. I found a new underdog in Lycos and finally Yahoo.

Though I use a paid account with my name I operate it from my Gmail account.

In a way I feel I’m prejudiced towards people who don’t sport a gmail account. For me people who don’t use Gmail seem to be stuck in a time wrap and don’t really enjoy the Internet. A director wanted me to forward him some script. It was all-downhill from the moment he told me his mail id was i-don't-know-who-i'm@hotmail.com

Shyam said...

If you thought the original Hotmail was bad, you should see the new Live Mail version. It is slow like a dog. To be honest, Yahoo's interface also slowed a lot after they switched to the "Web 2.0" version but at least they added some features to it. But I still retain my old hotmail account for use in places where I know I will end up getting a bunch of spam.