7 May 2007

Random fun (sponsored by google ads)

I am a recent convert to Google ads (if you scroll down and check the left panel you can see what I mean). Someone came up with this wonderful idea that they can post ads that are relevant to the text being carried on that page. Therefore you will feel less offended and will not get random ads about fasteners or beach houses in Florida.

You can see this on Gmail. If you receive a mail which has the word house in it you might get an ad on houses on rent or houses for sale in your area in a little box on the side . For example my earlier posting on the Ash Abhishek marriage had ads on wedding running alonside. Sometimes the ads are funny to read but you cannot predict what might land up on your page.

In this post I am trying an experiment - by putting random works . Words like BASQUE. Or SKYDIVING. Maybe TREKKING is better. Words that have no relevance to this post. Like the new CROCS sandals I have. Lets see what adverts come up now.

Random words are always interesting. The surrealist used to make up poems putting random words together. I remember writing a poem when I thought I was in love (now I know I am) called 52 words between you and me. Random words. Common words. Words unrelated to each other. Words that had other meanings for me and my lover.

I tried this trick during a workshop I had participated some time back. We were supposed to write something in appreciation of each participant. I printed a set of twenty adjectives, cut them out and put them into my pocket. These were words like – intelligent, talented, hard working etc. Each time I would meet someone for the first time at the wrap party, I would fish into my pocket and hand them a piece of paper. I had no clue what word was there on that piece of paper.

The reactions I got were priceless. They would sit me down and ask me why I used that word to describe them. I had to rack my brains to think of an explanation since I had handed the word out randomly. (Of course it became funnier when my friend used the same printout in the same party. Participants ended up getting words which contradicted each other !!!)

Horoscopes in newspapers also follow the same system. If you study any such predictions for a week you will realize that the words they use are common and often interchangeable for all sun signs. I am not arguing that words have no meaning and can be used randomly. But using them randomly can be fun.

Like if you were to randomly write the last line –

Arguing no words can randomly used be am and have meaning that not I


Have used that words not I and no arguing randomly can am be meaning

Type random words and leave it on your blog. Or use them while typing a letter on GMail. Watch how the ads change on your google ads as you type irrelevant random words. !!!!!


aditi said...

hmmm...... acha hai. exhibition life games bill you children signage fabric lost

gautam chintamani said...

interesting. vague. fee fi fo fum!


this shit works!