17 May 2007

Running scared

OK. BSP won. Mayawati had a better strategy. Lets move on.

Not quite. Going by frantic conversations in Khan Market and on blog sites, people are scared. Why, I cannot fathom? Is it not the case that if we are unhappy with her we can elect someone else five years later?

Actually, the difference this time round has been that she has actullay got amajority with the help of the original Congress bloc (Brahmins, Muslims and Dalits). That is tough one to break. For about 30 years the Congress had kept winning. The first time they lost in 1977, people were pissed off because of the Emergency.

This time round people are worried that Mayawati will be able to come to power at the centre. What's the big deal. It will mean more Ambedkar parks, statues and flyovers thats all.

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