24 Jun 2007

10 reasons why saas bahu serials are like cartoons (and therefore popular)

1. Strange looking characters
2. Unbelievable plot lines
3. Weird camera angles that emphasise all the wrong features of a face or a body
4. Obtuse emotions
5. Characters do not age like we normally do
6. Colourful sets
7. Characters trapped in bizarre situations

Can't think think of any more. Darn this Top 10 lists. Any more similarities you can think of?

Thanks to Pragya for this idea

1 comment:

Pragya said...

I can think of a few more
Characters have brains the size of peanuts;
They never die, just change form, just like in the cartoons;
We don't expect them to do anything that a human being with normal, average faculties would do;
The stories never end; and
Nobody seems to mind the lack of common sense or logic or any sense at all in the never-ending proceedings!