16 Jun 2007

Its like staying with Zorba the Greek

It rained today in Delhi. This year we have had pre monsoon/unseasonal/unpredictable rain by the ton. I am happy. But some people can never smile. Like the climate change guys.

Climate change is the buzzword today. However experts are still not able to agree on the future will be like. The temperatures will rise. No, no, no. You will have hot summers and very cold winters. Lots of rains. Some years it will be dry. But wait summer will also have rains. And monsoon will also have rains.

What the hell? This looks like the ramblings of a drunk who has been asked what the weather will be like this year.

Why don’t they just say it will be like staying with Zorba the Greek. Tough, unpredictable, crazy, lots of excitement. And some of us will die before our time. But finally it will make a man out of the rest who survive.

PS for those who have not seen Zorba, imagine staying with Rhett or Scarlett. For the rest, think of your ex-girlfriend or present boyfriend.

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