2 Jun 2007

May you live in interesting times

With the Gujjar agitation for ST(or is it SC) status spreading to Gurgaon, the Rajasthan Government is trying to placate the leaders of the group.

Uptill now they had been classified as OBCs but they want Scheduled Tribe status since they feel that the Meena community which has had ST status for some time has gained from reservations. Meanwhile the Meenas are threatening to take to the streets if this violence is not controlled.

Reminds me of the time when Mahender Singh Tikait came and occupied the Boat Club Lawns in Delhi for seven days in 1986. His people came with tractors and stoves and tents and stayed on . The government had no clue how to handle the situation till he decided (with his unique Jat logic) to leave.

I hope the Gujjars decide to do something just as drastic. After all the BPO generation do not have any memories of 1986. What stories will they tell their children?

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