29 Jun 2007

The REAL review of the Guy with the Topi

Yet another review without going to the film.

This is a trend I started here, what with so many promos of films nowadays I’ve decided to review films without watching them.

Aap Kaa Surroor: The Moviee - The Real Luv Story (I’m sorry they wanted a longer title but just did not know any more English) is the Himesh the Resham (no relation to Reshmaa, the famous singer from Pakistan) the launchpad. Actually it is tribute to all the Elvis movies except that in those movies Elvis is wearing tights. Resham has his Cap.

The Cap. What can I say about. I think it is the eighth wonder of the world. (No need to vote for this one) It protects the rest of the world from so much shit. If the cap was not there imagine there would be more songs, more nasal twang floating around. Right now it keeps things in control.

Then there is Mallika Sherawat. She was paid 1.5 crores for a 30 minute appearance????? The last time i checked that kind of stuff was paid for Brando in Superman. I know I should have volunteered. With that kind of money i could have gotten a boob job, gone back to my unemployed male status and yet made a small budget film with the rest.

Then of course there is the virginal heroine wearing Pink all over (lipstick included), I think she is going to take all the Pink away from Amisha Patel’s wardrobe. She is helpless and Himesh is the strong Nasal Type. They fall in love but there are many challenges and silly dialogues before they can consumate (with the Cap on of course).

But first some basic questions. When I know that even Shah Rukh will not get play time in Germany why the hell set the film there? What’s wrong with good old US of A? Then of course, what’s with the caps that change colour. Is it like a sublime messaging for safe sex (there are two other women in his life) since the street slang for condoms is topi (cap)? And don’t even get me started on his tribute on autowalahs.

Enough said. My friend who I do not envy anymore since he had to review the film, recalled that the story for Mere Mehboob was written keeping in mind a set of songs that the producer had in his bank. He had recorded them for another film that did not materialise. What a hit the film became. (Although I have several problems with “Silver Jubilee” Rajendra Kumar but that’s another blog). AKS seems to have been done with the same idea.

Sadly AKS is not Mere Mehboob. Nor is the Himesh the Resham, Elvis. With or without the topi.

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gautam chintamani said...

Lesson learnt from AKS, "Even when wrong one can still be right."

According to Himesh the entire Milky Way is waiting for AKS to tank. Well seems like he might just be right.

The obsession about the cap is explained in the film- a little kiddo tells him that just coz he wears a topi no one can phenao him a topi!