27 Jun 2007

watching Shivaji and Casino Royale

I watched Shivaji, the Rajnikanth movie last Sunday in Delhi. I couldn't help comparing the screening to Casino Royale I watched in a hall in Trissur in Kerala.

Both halls were crowded and the audience followed the story to a T. Of course the audience in Delhi had a large contingent of Tamil boys and mamis. Each time Rajni tossed his chewing gum into his mouth they went ecstatic. In the case of James Bond it was an action sequence or when he seduced a Bond Girl. (i doubt if anyone could follow the dialogues in English coming through an outdated sound system) The audience would clap or let out a gasp.

What is it about a Rajni film or a James Bond flick that evokes such attention from the audiences from other cultures although there may be very little logic or story to follow ? Scene after scene the story went into fantasy land but the audience had no problem understanding the nuances of the trials the Hero was facing.

The next time you see a foreign film (or a film in any Indian language you do not follow) try watching it without subtitles. If it is well told you do not need to know what the characters are actually saying.

Cartoon courtesy : TORNOE, littlefunny, Comicartville

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