21 Jun 2007

The worst nightmare for a columban

Is to get trapped between two DIPsites

Well I was there
A dinner in a restaurant
(wonder who thought of the seatings?)
And I have survived to tell the tale

Now I can only remember parts of the conversation
“London is like a second home
We used to go there every summer”
(And all I could manage was Nainital or Simla)
“I am a commodities broker
I deal with gold, silver and jeera” (in that order????)
“This is my own business not my father’s”
(What??? How come the alumini never kicked you out?)

But towards the end I got a punch back
They were talking computers and i said:
“Well we started working with computers in our school in 1985”

Both of them had not come into the world at that time
I could swear that one of them said “Uncle !” under his breadth

1 comment:

Shyam said...

The line "I deal with gold, silver and jeera" should be in a movie. Only a DIPs*it. :-)