7 Jul 2007

breaking up in the internet universe

The Internet is supposed to have improved our lives. But breaking up is no longer that easy.

Earlier (in 1995) all you had to do was call up, break the news and hand up. The maximum the closure could be stretched to was one long session at Nirula’s. Later, if you were nasty you could make crank calls but very few people had a telephone. And in any case most of the time her dad or sister might pick up the phone. Your friends could try to talk to both of you but it was really up to you to get back.

Today its different.

I am not talking about the real world. The Internet conspires to keep you together. Picture a scenario. You break up and pretty soon one of you have to travel to another city or country. But the minute you log onto gmail your lover is there. Its like coming to a virtual party and then you realize she also on the permanent list of invitees.

Orkut or Facebook is worse. If you delete the person off the list, you will be inundated with queries from common friends. In the real world they would already know what was happening. But with Orkut you can connect with a long lost friend who is in Detroit but still thinks that you are the same person you were in school. She UNDERSTANDS your pain and wants to help you. Whatever be their motivation they will not let you forget it so fast.

The best thing is to go for that dinner. Break up and move on. But do not delete her name from your Orkut list.

Or just blog it. That way you will know how many friends actually read your blog.

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