15 Jul 2007

i believe in horoscopes...

... on Sundays

one of joys is reading out how people sitting in far corners of the country can
tell you what is going to happen to you this week.

The Pioneer tells me :

"Myriad tests make this a week where you are on constant alert and on your toes having to deliver excellence and solve problem that have a financial tint or connotation."

The tip of the week is to "consolidate my finances", avoid "panic reactions", wear "whites and diamonds" and other such details.

HT meanwhile has other ideas.

"This week your lack of an action-oriented approach and meek surrender to work pressure are likely to bring disappointment at the workplace. You should therefore formulate new strategies and plans to counter these..."

The Indian Express confuses me further:

"Mars moves through your chart making some unusual celestial manoeuvres which gives many of you a second crack of the whip. Perhaps you have abandoned a task which may now be completed. Or there may be a wrong to right. If you are offered a golden opportunity then move fast."

If you read this stuff over one year, you will realise that there is a a pattern in terms of the words they choose. The Tarot predictions generally use softer words and long sentences, pondering at each meaning. Others use short, crips words to dismiss you. Its almost like they do not want to waste their time with you.

By the end of the morning I am kind of lost and confused. Good thing that I forget this by Monday.

PS. Do you know that if you are having a bad time in Delhi this year according to your horoscope, your fate could change if you shift to another country?


bhumi said...

vishal calls it THE HORORSCOPE

ifnotme said...

i agree !!