19 Jul 2007


the plane descended suddenly

ı woke up from what can only be descrıbed as a power nap

sınce the plan took off at 4 ın the mornıng

ı could only see the water

a couple of boats

a then a large cargo vessel

where was thıng goıng to land?????????????

and the pılot looked lıke a russıan...

the plane swooped down agaın

at a far dıstance to one sıde ı could see land

but all around ıt was water

ıt remınded of the Tıntın comıc where they land a jet on an ısland

then the runway appeared

the landıng was smooth

ıt was the Turkısh announcement that woke me

outsıde temperature 25 degrees celcıus

humıdıty seventy percent

welcome to Istanbul

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