4 Jul 2007

Mumbai should not tolerate this

An interesting take on Mumbai on the Express

The writer says that what Mumbai needs most is an intolerance factor

She contends that people in the city have just gotten used to be treated like shit

No coincidence that Bollywood the city of dreams keeps feeding them images

That distracts them from the real issues

I felt the same thing during the 2005 floods

Bottled water was being sold at 40 bucks a bottle

The prices form other food stuff had been hiked up for about fours days

I remember telling my friend

If this was any other city there would have been riots

But not here

We were all waiting for things to get back to normal

(By which I mean passably livable )

And go back to work

Ignoring all the shit we have to take everyday

What we need is for each citizen

(wherever they live in India)

to have the best life possible

and not get sold dreams of Shanghai

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