20 Jul 2007

Up the Bosphorus

went on a day long cruise up the Straits
the ship touches varıous points along the shore

i decided to take it till the last poınt
Anadolu Kavcagi
a small fishing village
that had the ruins of a Byzantıum fort overlooking the entire city

had an animated French family sitting with me
the parents definitely neck deep in research about the journey
pointing out to various locations
but the kids were like
when is this getting over ?

the locals
watched the tourısts wıth amusement
for them it was all so borıng
they probably saw it everyday

all along
there were these pretty
disembarking points
with tourists waitıng to get on

the climb up the hill
to the castle - Kavagi Kalesi (as the signs insisted)
was steep
wıth children sitting at intervals selling water
at the top
the view opened out
to the mouth of the Black Sea on our right
and the Straits to the left

sat there watching the ships for a while
missed the first ferry back
as a result

on the walk back
i decided to try
an internet cafe
it was full of kids playing
some version of
Prince of Persia
or Battle Zone

tried playing
but was beaten hollow by Ahmet
who claimed he was seven years old

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