23 Aug 2007

Of headless chicken and nuclear winters

Now that everyone has had their say on the nuclear deal, raved, ranted and shouted it almost seems like someone has called a timeout. Each side is taking stock of what is to be done.

I cannot make up my mind on who is a bigger fool - the Prime Minister for staking his gaddi on such a useless issue or the left for raising an alarm so late in the day.

It is common knowledge that nuclear energy is NOT the future. Apart from the costs involved, there is a matter of the radioactive waste that is produced in the process. Even countries like the US and France are not able to understand what to do with it. In any case according to the government's calculations nuclear power will only make up 4 percent of our power needs by 2020 when all the reactors become operational.

In a country like India decentralized solar power systems are the best bet. At present solar technology may seem expensive but with enough research we should be able to find indigenous solutions that are cost effective.

However the left instead of arguing on these lines, is linking the deal to increased American dominance on India. It is a well known fact that these talks began during the time of the NDA regime. If the left had any objections they should have made this point at the beginning of the coalition arrangement. WE DO NOT WANT YOU TO PROCEED WITH NEGOTIATIONS.

Its that simple. But the recent history of the left shows it has never got it right.

Now they are looking like the spoilt brat who threatens to run away with the cricket bat unless you play the game his way.

PS. Just a thought... maybe this is an elaborate ploy by the Left and UPA to play the Opposition. Right now the BJP has no clue what to do ...

Cartoon : Cox and Forkum, Politics Bharat

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