14 Nov 2007

pass the fig leaf...

... is what the CPM seems to be saying to the BJP after Nandigram

Independent India has many examples
of political parties that have gained power through democratic elections
then move onto maintaining power through terror, rioting and other means

Just like Narendra Modi in this century or Rajeev Gandhi in the last
Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee defended his "party workers" and their actions

studying political science
in Kirori Mal College in the early nineties
when caught in the cross fire
between the left (recovering from the collapse of the Berlin Wall)
and the right (about to peak on their manliness by destroying the Babri Masjid)
i would argue that once people came to power
they all become the same
corrupt and violent

of course my friends in the left parties
would argue
that riots and pogroms never occurred
in states where they were in power

little did they know that
communal clashes were a regular feature in Kerala
where the communists have been
in power
on and off
since the 1950's

later when the Maoists
resorted to violence
they were either
going against the party line
reacting to state violence

thirty years of Left rule in Bengal
has now helped them perfect their technique
they are the "state"
and they are also the guys who sponsor the "violence"

no wonder that CPM
is trying to pacify the Congress by
bending on the Nuclear Deal

after all they are learning from the BJP

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