27 Jan 2008

I love Mumbai

Just came into Mumbai for a couple of days and realised how much I love coming here once in a while. Some of the reasons :
  • This is probably the only place in the world that can make me look like a country cousin. Everyone is wearing the latest fashion and looks super busy staring off into the distance while walking on the streets.
  • The only place where they make me feel my English is Old World. Just fixed up a meeting with someone who actually said " When you come into town give me a shout and we will hook up." I thought only 16 year olds used words like that. Silly me !
  • People are on time or call up when they are late. (rare in Delhi)
  • People here call a 20 ft by 20ft patch of grass a park. (ha ! ha!)
  • I get to re learn the stations on the Western Line.
  • They think people from Delhi wear printed kurtas, jeans and have unshaven beards. (That's in Kolkata, folks !)
  • I get to ask my friends silly questions like - Why are you staying here? Why not in Chembur?
  • I get to read another paper during the day. (Although even Delhi has its edition of Midday now)
  • Think that travelling to town area on Sunday (no traffic you see) as a major expedition to another planet.

Will keep you updated on my feelings and new discoveries about Mumbai.


no fun sun said...

its also the only place in the world where they actually think work is the only reason to live...and where inspite of having one of the worst public transport service they make every journey into an adventure!!!

pink jalebi said...

Very SUDHESH UNNIRAMAN, this piece

Anonymous said...

Result of ICSE education!