20 Jan 2008

So macho .....that he is a lesbian

While talking about the Australian Cricket Team Will Buckley says that they are like Norman Mailer - they are so macho they are actually lesbian !!!!

He borrows this idea from Jim Lewis who said :

Some years ago, paraphrasing Auden on Rilke, I described Mailer as the greatest lesbian writer since Gertrude Stein. It's a judgment I stand by, with cheerful regards to all parties concerned. Because he wasn't macho, after all, though that's what he was usually accused of: He was butch.

Wonder what the Jat boys will have to say about that one !!!

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teekay said...

aaah...are you suggesting that the Aussie team is made up of men who follow the Sufi tradition of Ishq? Meaning they are so manly that they cannot bu fall for the 'gentle' graces of toyboys like Srisanth and Bhajji?