19 Feb 2008

Alive and Kicking...

....the graphic novel in India.

Just picked up this book on a whim and loved it. It tells a story of a girl in Mumbai (but then it could have been New York) and her world (both inside and outside her mind). As the story moves from her thoughts to the people she lives or works with, you catch glimpses of what living in a city can do to our minds.

Although a number graphic novels have come out from India in the last three years but most of them do not even get their story in order, forget about the images. What comes out on paper is garbled nonsense.

But Kari is different. The images are a mix of black and white and colour sketches. The text is mostly placed around and in-between the drawings. While the narrator moves between her real friends and imaginary(?), the city itself becomes a character much like the graphic novel based on the Paul Auster's novel City of Glass.

Look out for this one.

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