3 Feb 2008

Dying young

Returning to civilization i got this news about Heath Ledger, it set me thinking about people who i was fascinated by - Kurt Cobain, James Dean etc.

when someone dies "before his or her time" as they say there is an unfulfilled promise of what all they could have achieved but imagine a world if all these celebs were still alive

Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Bruce Lee, John Lennon & Jim Morrison would be near about 70, while James Dean and Marlyn Monroe would have been nearer to 80. My view is that most of these lived life to the fullest and would have been embarrassed if they lived today. Bruce Lee would have been laughing at Jackie Chan. So would Marlyn if she knew that she was the idol for Anna Nicole Smith. And would John Lennon compete with Paul McCartney album for album? Look where the ups and downs in Brando's life has taken him. Sometimes he must envy James Dean.

Sometimes it better to leave when they are still clapping, asking for more.

PS Someone would have be 41 this February.

PPS something I wrote earlier on my unachieved ambition to die young.

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Anonymous said...

To feel young as long as one lives....that is the trick .