9 Feb 2008

Fast Times in Karol Bagh

Going to the market, I noticed a group of young boys trying out stunts on their cycles. Since most of the roads this part of town have heavy traffic, this was a curious sight. They stood in a group on one side of the road on bikes cutting off the traffic clearing the road while their friends showed off.

Some time ago, on my travels, i had written about kids trying to learn skateboard tricks at the Bastille. As soon i came nearer and started observing them, they doubled their efforts. A few snaps later, I felt maybe they were getting carried away by my camera. The traffic continued stopping, honking and shouting at them but they could not be bothered.

As each one took off, others waited their turn crouching like little cats ready for their play. When they had their run, they would slide to a halt and go back to blocking the road. They would look at each other's bikes like cowboys in a B grade Western and admire a new accessory their friend had put on the bike.

One of the boys told me they did this every Sunday at India Gate. On second Saturdays most schools are off, so they try out their tricks nearer home. Given the traffic it seemed a more dangerous idea in this part of town, I said. But the advantage was that there were no police people to stop them, he smiled.

As they turned around for one last snap they seemed to tell me - Get a bike next time, OK ?

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gautam chintamani said...

Curiously enough something as cool (?) as this happens in a part of town that isn't considered hip by most.

Taking snaps was a good idea but a greater one would have been a video of some stunts and posted it for effect!

Looks crazy enough to be checked out.