5 Feb 2008

Ireland VS Plastic bags

And Ireland seems to be winning...

There are several places in India where there is a ban on plastic bags(Uttarakhand for example) but in most cases they are not completely successful since people claim there are no alternatives. How come we forget that only about a decade ago we used to still carry cloth bags to the market?

It is only when people are forced to pay for such things (fines or surcharges) that they stop doing it and find alternative. In Ireland they have to pay a 33 percent surcharge on their bill if they want a plastic bag. The usage has dropped 94 percent !!!!

Will this work in India? While some shops do charge a small amount for a plastic bag, mostly the norm in Delhi is that it come free with whatever you buy. Bread, veggies, books - you name it. And when you tell them you do not need it or you have your own bag they look at you with surprise. Even if we charge 10 bucks for a bag see how people will react to the idea.

I would like to see the figures for smoking now that its been two months since the ban was imposed. Has it really worked? Maybe there is no alternative to that cigarette in your hand !

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Anonymous said...

The look of surprise on the face of the shop keepers here has now given away to a tongue -in-cheek comment "Oh, you have a cloth bag..." ,followed by a shrug !!Thanks to my daughter-in-law for giving me some colourful but simple cloth bags which are very handy now.