26 Feb 2008

My Book of Ideas

I have a small handmade diary that A made seven years ago where I keep writing ideas i keep getting all the time. Most of these are stories for film, books or posts for blogs that I always think I will do in the future. Ever since I had such diaries but this one probably lasted the longest.

So where do you get your ideas. For me it used to be when I am in the loo taking a dump but since i have been using the metro more and more it is during the short walk to the station or in the train. I guess earlier I needed to be alone, now i am in a phase where i want to be bombarded with things.

Mostly it consists of eavesdropping and sifting through the data. On the train you always end up catching bits of conversation (Why did she say that?) (That was a long time ago, I think we should become friends) (Can you call up on my mobile after an hour and i will make an excuse to come out) that set your mind thinking. Who is this person? Why are they talking like this? What were they doing an hour go?

Another advantage staying close to this area: With the Karol Bagh-Paharganj-CP area becoming a hot spot with backpackers, most of them use the Metro to travel. But time is always running out. You only end up catching bits and pieces and then its the end of the journey. The rest you have to imagine. The walk out of the station is always entertaining. I wave away the rickshawalahs and choose to walk back, thinking about the lives of people i just listened to. Sometimes i might go to the coffee shop and sit down to write if the ideas that come up are really good.

Unless I get distracted by conversations on the next table.

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