12 Mar 2008

Random things lying around the house

Every once in a while, I get this urge to clean up the house when I am home alone. They say your mess says more about than anything else. Here is a list of things that I collected from various rooms:

1. Two pencils in the bathroom
2. A Chinese looking hand fan on the computer desk (When did it get there)
3. A measuring tape beside the bed (What was I measuring)
4. A pair of socks on the foldable bed (are they washed)
5. A new straw mat neatly rolled up and packed using a newspaper, always in the corner of a room – A refuses to tell me what she wants to do with it
6. Cloth pegs on the music system
7. Heaters waiting to be put away now that winter is over
8. A photograph of Felini and an old map of Delhi waiting to be hung some where in the house
9. A bottle of palm sugar freshly bought from Kolkata still at the entrance on top of the shoe cupboard
10. A cup used as a ash tray – some party we threw many months ago
11. An empty bottle of cough syrup
12. A grey cable that belongs to the laptop but I cannot understand how it got under the bed

And when I was done, I realized that I had misplaced my chappals…

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