20 May 2008

Boys in the Maidan

after myself many trips and false alarms
i found myself in the Maidan in Kolkata on a Sunday

the young ones
displaying their skills
someone shouting instructions from a corner
the make-shift goals
often becoming a point of dispute every time the ball beat the goalkeeper

what was telling was that
the entire nation was glued to IPL
and here were these boys
working themselves up over a sport
that is fast getting marginalised

one kid practiced furiously with the ball
hitting it against a tree
every once in a while it would
bounce onto the road
or roll into a ditch
no one explained to him that he needed to find
a flatter surface

his enthusiasm reminded me of the skateboarders i met in Bastille.

1 comment:

Lopamudra said...

yes, and the sincerity is mindblowing! some of them would probably have come from the suburbs, taken the locals on a sleepy sunday morning. even on rainy mornings, you are sure to find lots of enthusiasts...remember that bagan vs e bengal match and pk banerjee or was it chuni giving that "people will go and but fish" quote...don't remember clearly!