7 May 2008

How to be a 100% dilliwalah ( Suggestion No. 6)

Take a Leak.

Wherever. Whenever. However. When the urge takes over.

It doesn't matter who is looking. Just do it. The more public the place the better. And don't bother about looking around. Most people will not even worry about it.

Taking a leak in public is your birthright, what with so few public loos and most of them dirty and overflowing. And who wants to pay for a clean loo? The cleanest place is on the road beside the footpath. The thing will dry up soon.

Of course everyone says its wrong and there is a fine. But have you ever heard of anyone being fined for taking a leak? I mean if you do not have your license while driving they do fine you but taking a leak is no problem.

So don't worry if you see a cop walking towards you - he is probably coming to take a leak himself.


Abhishek said...

You reminded me of that joke:
'yahaan polic e nahin pakadti, nahin khud pakadna padta hai' :)

ifnotme said...

wow ! i think i can use that somewhere!

Aditi said...

this is soooooooo funny. I saw a guy doing it in our colony today. I was driving or i would have probably tried to embarrass him!