22 Jun 2008

At land's end

Drove all the way to the edge of Saurastra
to Dwarka
the town itself was a little disappointing
but the wind turbines alone the route took my breath away

from a distance
they look small and pretty
moving in a lazy way
but up close they are clumsy and large
and remind you of how dinosaurs must have been

in this part of the country they generate electricity
for most of the villages and industrial units nearby
the locals were talking about how
in about five years the capacity could double
the advantage was it was sustainable
throughout the year due to the winds on this coast

in fact large parts of the west coast
which do not encounter cyclones
can use wind energy
to light up towns and villages near the sea

India is already the fourth largest in terms of capacity
behind the US, Germany and Spain
and we have been growing quietly at about 30 percent in recent years

Maybe here is where Prakash Karat should take Manmohan Singh on a trip
to spell out the options for nuclear fuel !

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Abhishek said...

Hey cool.. I have never seen wind mills from close by. That pic is good.

I went to Hampi some time back and got more adventure than I had bargained for! http://removing.blogspot.com/2008/07/life-by-chance.html