9 Aug 2008

United Waste of America

One of the first things you notice - Paper. Its everywhere.

Not just the in your toilets. When you go to a supermarket there are these huge brown bags. Ditto for stores. Bags of all sizes. Paper.

Then there are the restaurants. You order anything and a stack full of tissue paper would be put in front of you. If you want to pack it, they put in more in the brown paper bag that they give you.

And if you offer to return some of the paper they refuse to take it. If you insist they just throw it in the bin.

In the case of toilet paper after trying out various options like the daily newspaper and the Sears Catalogue they finally settled for reams of paper specially created for this purpose. Since the Amrikans do not use water at all it can create some funny situations.

In 1973 a television program host announced (as a joke) that there was a toilet paper shortage in America. The next day people rushed out to the supermarket and bought as many rolls as possible to stock up. By noon the next day every store in America was out of stock and it took three weeks for the country to recover from this crisis.

The next time the terrorists can just spread this rumour on the internet. It will keep the Amrikans distracted for a week.


CoolMood said...

Interesting observation and so true!! :)

bhumi said...

convenience is the word, unlike apna desh in US u dont have the luxury of HELP,so anything and everything that makes life convenient is gonna be justified by the farce of recycling.