18 Dec 2008

Throwing shoes & Protesting

Soon after the event there were many articles on why a shoe was thrown and what it means in Islamic societies. It set me wondering what do you do in India if one is angry with someone - apart from landing on a panel discussion in a news channel and venting your protest?

Mostly it involves giving family related abuses or spitting at the person. In some extreme cases you may end up rubbing boot polish on the person's face. NY Times has this to say about how people protest in different communities. The practice in Bhutan is the funniest. It apparently involves coloured paper.

Meanwhile the SMS jokes going around in Pakistan is that the shoe throwing incidence has been linked to Pakistan. There is apparently nothing that can escape the US Intelligence.

Bush's reaction about the whole thing has been the most surprising. He did not declare another War on Terror on Cobblers (yet). Nor has he warned Al Qaeda. His statement - All I can report that it was Size 10 - says it all. It took him eight years of presidency to find a sense of humour.

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