20 Feb 2009

The Perfect Morning Routine

Michael Agger writes about the perfect morning routine with a lot of interesting links to how you can organise that time of the day.

In my case mostly mornings start with starting the water pump (or hearing A get up and start it). Then walk into the kitchen and put water for tea. This mostly has adrak or the chai masala
which I let boil for a long time.

In winters, every alternate day I go up to water the plants. Then its a rush to finish the bathroom routine and make my tea.

The problem starts soon after. Once the tea is in my hand, I have to fight this urge to sit on the internet. Since I have cut down on newspapers and television, the idea is to get my news from the Net. But soon I drift to Gmail and this is where it all comes apart. Once you start answering emails I just lose track of time.

There was a time I thought I was a morning person and would keep important jobs (writing concepts, editing a film) for the first half of the day. Sometimes it would work and things would go as scheduled. However when they don't then you feel frustrated by evening and are waiting for the morning. To start your "schedule" all over again.

Now I feel we are not really a morning or a afternoon or a night person. We might get an new Idea at any time of the day. And if we really like what we are doing, then most of us do not really care what time is it or how tired we are.

So why do we worry about the mornings? During the day very not much needs to be done around the house and you have lesser distractions. Maybe we need to get out of the theory that we may ever be a morning person. Then we will end up finishing all our routine stuff in the morning and the rest of the day we can follow the perfect morning routine !

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