13 Aug 2009

Media scare

That's what this H1N1 crisis is about.

Yesterday sitting at a cafe I looked up to see the correspondent on a news channel giving a PTC wearing a mask. Having just made an instructional film for the WHO, I immediately recognized that he was wearing the wrong mask. This is what he needed to have worn if wanted to protect himself from this virus.

So not only was he creating an unnecessary scare but he was also giving the wrong information.

It is now obvious that worldwide less than a fraction of 1% of infected people have succumbed to the virus. Many countries are reporting that there are no new infections. Most people who have died in India had other health complications which aggravated the situation. And yet the news channels kept up the shrill reporting asking silly questions - SHOULD YOUR CITY BE SHUT DOWN? - raising the bogey of the swine flu.

This inspite of an advisory from the I & B ministry.

Do they realize that even today the chances of dying of TB or respiratory diseases is still higher than H1N1. Guys get some perspective !

Or I will send you here.

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