8 Jul 2011

Memories of a T-shirt

Mostly I never discuss school. Not that I did not like it but I find the whole – those days were gooood – overrated.

Once in a while the name comes up in Delhi drawing room conversations
- Beta school kahan pe kiya tha tumne? Or work meetings - Oh you are from Columbas? Which year? 1989 ? I think I know xxxx from that year. You get the drift.

However once in a while you come across something that surprises you. Sometimes it is an old black and white photograph. Or a school mate getting back in touch on FB.

But nothing prepared me for this one. Today in the morning I was walking around the courtyard while my chai was getting ready. I saw something familiar hanging on a ladder that the painters were using.

It was a T-shirt that one of them had left to dry. The image on it look familiar. I stepped closer.

I could not believe it. I started reading what was printed on it. Loud. Like one pinches one self when you wake up from a dream. SCHOLA COLUMBA. FRATES CHRISTIANI.

I gulped. Then smiled. It was T- shirt from school. Something you wore on a sports day. Or if you were playing football. I used to have a yellow one. This one was grey. And worn out.

Whom did it belong to? And what year did my school switch to this boring grey? More importantly, which kid would like to wear grey? And how did this painter get his hands on it?

Stuff related to the school is not my kind of thing. I have kept some of the school year books and a memento we got when we left school. I think it was their way of saying – Thank God, you guys are leaving.

But no T-shirt left from those days. And my painter had one. I was jealous.

Later I found out that he had got it from one of the owners of the houses he was painting.

I must write to the school. They must have a code of conduct. Am sure they have a rule somewhere where you cannot give away school memorabilia like that.

Maybe he did it because he did not like the colour. Grey I can forgive. Not if it had been a yellow.


Aditi Prakash said...

Even after 10 years,you seem to come up with these things which makes me wonder how your brain works!!!

CoolMood said...

Whether we like it or not, schools are a major part of our lives...which we can never leave behind...even if we forget about them for a while! :)

And Aditi...that's a typical wifey comment you made! ;)

ifnotme said...

@ sara - i agree, the more you run away the closer it looks :)