28 Aug 2011

i accuse

now that

the hurly burly

is done

and the battle

is half lost

and half won

you can all return home


to the jobs you hold

in those tall glass buildings

Friedman and Nilekani taught us

that your world is flat as mine

but your buildings always seem taller


to your H1B forms

and work permits in the Gulf

you need them to pay your credit card bills

Lokpal or no Lokpal


to your colonies

with those high gates

and security guards protecting 2 crore houses

on 3k salaries


to calculating

the rupee dollar rate

and the lowest ticket to London

for a holiday

in the name of corruption

you held the country

the parliament

and 800 crore people

to ransom

those people

who had nothing

to gain from this fight

their life remains the same

we will keep squashing them

this was all a charade

for you to feel good about your selves

the next time you will be there for the temple

and the Parliament may have to bend down again

the question is not

is this country going to wake up to a new dawn

just answer

are we going to not bribe

the next time we jump

the traffic light ?

as he broke his fast the old man said :

There should be no difference in what you say and what you do, you should possess clean and honest thoughts, have a clean conduct, clean character, have a feeling for sacrifice and should have the strength to take humiliation

are you up for that pardner?

many years back

our elders

got behind an old man

to get Independence for this country

we found out later

that freedom was a false one

the Mahatma was betrayed

this too will go the same way

do me a favour

just throw away that cap

you wore for the last 12 days

so that it does not embarrass you some day

1 comment:

S said...

"your world is flat as mine
but your buildings always seem taller"

Those lines just killed me.