9 Dec 2006

the economics of films

when Dhoom 2 was released there was this talk that the film would not do well
since the producers were not showing it in many of the multiples (PVR, FUN cinemas)

now it is the third week since its release and its still
getting the crowds

I went to watch it on a weekday afternoon show(yeah i am between jobs) the hall was almost full and when i walked out the parking lot was overflowing with people

this year many times multiplexes and producers have had disagreements (Munnabhai,Fanaah) however the films became a hit

i guess if the buzz about the film is good
the crowds keep coming
also single screen halls are generally cheaper that multiplexes

its a funny logic
last year films like Sarkar and Kaal
became hits by using multiplexes
in mumbai fame adlabs nearly all the halls were showing Sarkar in its first week of release
so you really had no choice - the irony of walking into a multiplex and actually having ONE option

but this year it is the revenge of the single screens

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