9 Dec 2006

thank you aishwarya and whoever the director was

i tortured myself and watched the mistress of spices

first things first

the film should have a disclaimer that it is documentary on spices posing to be a fiction

all throughout there are these voice overs about well - spices

is the book actually like that

does it actually have lines like "thank you spices" (fifty times after which i lost count) and "my spices are feeling me"

throughout the film our miss world is wearing sober saris
and suddenly she decided to wear a blood red sari
(with a halter neck blouse if you are interested)
to seduce the hero

also could someone tell the producers that if you show stars lying on a bed of spices making love their should be a disclaimer - DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME

and what kind of a name is Tilo (rhymes with prilo)

if it is bengali how does the young girl (aishwarya as a child) land up in kerala ?

of course here i am expecting some logic

the entire film is about stereotypes in the NRI community
including aishwarya's character with her strange diction and grand mummy sarees

riddle no 1 - if padma lakshmi (who is about 40) is playing a grand daughter in the film how old does that make her grandfather anupam kher ?

riddle no 2 - from where does aishwarya import her spices ? she cannot actually growing all of it in the backyard

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