20 Jan 2007

Globalisation and decay in East Patel Nagar MKT

The East Patel Nagar Mkt or EPNM is always been an interesting place for me

It was one of the few market where traffic flowed in both directions
around the park set in the middle of the market
you could drive anti clockwise or clockwise into the market
leading to traffic jams every time
but the traffic police or the locals never bothered
here was the entire city putting up signs like
but in EPNM you could go in any direction
no one seems worried

however in the last five years
the market seems to have gone into a shell
while other markets have boomed
one part of the EPNM
is practically shut down
with only a tent house and a saloon operating along the entire row of shops
the rest of them have strange signs boards
and never seem open
(the only exception is the pastry shop at the beginning of the row)

the other side facing the park has a motley crew of new establishments
a medical store with numbers as its name
yo china
but here the older places are playing catch up
and have improved their service and look

standing in the park
one can see the EPNM
as a symbol of what is happening in so many parts of the country
in the last ten years
while one part gains from the global village
the other gets left behind
one parts competes and improves
the other falls behind and disappears

the shopkeepers blame it on rising costs
but then how come some are doing well
while others are not
all over the city there is a dearth of commercial space
with the sealing drive
while here prime commercial land
is lying unused
EPNM seems happy with its RIGHT TURN FREE signs

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