18 Jan 2007

what did you learn about the united states today at the herbie hancock/wayne shorter concert?

so onto the CONCERT of this season
am not a big jazz fan
except when i hear it live
so the problem
not much live stuff in India

the oganisers were equally skeptical
that would explain why they distributed
over 2000 passes (admit two)
for an auditorium with a capacity of 1800

so anticipating the rush
me and my friend decided to reach an hour earlier
there were already about 300 people ahead of us
(by the evening the line was half a kilometer long)

while standing in line
and in between
frequent trips to our parked car
to deposit mobiles bags etc
of friends my friend pulled into the line
we discussed things like

what do i need to look sexy
when is this line going to move
the last time i saw him play
how long have you been standing

check that out
is kunal coming
i've seen that guy in church on Sundays
i have never stood in line this long
how many passes do you have
when is this fucking line going to move

i even managed to explain to an old gent
the dynamics of how a line moves
(he had walked all the way from the back of the line
which was in another part of delhi
and analysed orphan pamuk
with a gori chick

after several close encounters with security
where they kept feeling us up
and repeating in a close whisper
no mobiles
no cigarettes
no lighter

we were let in

the concert it self was good
although wayne shorter did not play much
and the announcer insisted that jazz was American music(ha ha)
but anoushka shankar
was useless
she came on stage for a gig
did a namaste
just played her piece
refused to jam with these guys
did a namaste again
hugged the huge black musicians and left

there was a questionnaire
left on our seats about the event
one of the questions was
i left it empty then l but will try now

1. Almost all music in America is made by black musicians
2. Blacks are very happy when they are playing music and they are good at it (music not happiness)
3. It is going to become more difficult to get into an American concert that the Parliament
4. there are no white women left in America

so long and thanks for all the jazz

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