11 Jun 2007

The Mauling of Shopping Experience

Some time back I had written about going to the old books sellers at Daryaganj Sunday market. This time I went to the other extreme. The malls in Gurgaon. Now, I am not against malls or the supermarket experience. It’s just that the main road where all the malls are coming up can be a nightmare on weekends. On Sunday afternoon it took me almost 30 minutes to park my car (in another mall) and then another 15 minutes to walk to walk to the one where I was watching a movie. As of now if any builder erects a multiple level-parking complex, he will hit jackpot – the mall where you want to go, parking is always full.

While in some cases malls are useful when you shopping for specific products, in India people just look at it as a place for an outing. The malls are full of families with kids who are either running around or eating at the various food courts or restaurants. In Gurgaon this makes sense since there are hardly any community parks or gardens. But there is a need to be a study whether any of these malls are making money. Or is going to be the case like Delhi where the eating joints close down regularly to relaunch under a new name?

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