12 Jul 2007

how sivaji has opened the north south divide (again??)

I wrote here about my experience of watching the rajni blockbuster.

The only hits this year have been spiderman, rajni and maybe himesh the resham. But little did i know that the huge publicity for the film has had other effects. Like this disciussion on how north indians cannot understand this phenomenon.

In fact they cannot understand this response to film stars in the south. Last night i was having this animated conversation with someone (who claimed she had little knowledge about south India cinema) about how she is not able to understand this psyche.

Thank you Rajni. It has become obvious that we all are living in a great fault line that runs somewhere along the Maharashtra border with Andhra and Karnataka border.

And while we are at it let me (a mallu who has stayed all his life in Delhi) throw my pet peeves in the ring.

ONE - is the Punjabi obession with the streets of Lahore (other things related to Pakistan) which has not helped us form a coherant policy towards the country. One day we want to be friends, the other day we are threatening them

TWO - The north Indian politician's love with Kashmir. Are we confused or what? Seriously speaking if you felt it a part of this country then why are we always defensive? And if it is not a part of this country let it go.

To my mind these two factors (which are the sole creation of north Indians) are responsible for a huge waste of national resources each year. It silly and stupid.

There I've said it. Let the words fly.

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