22 Jul 2007

street food in İstanbul

tried to stay away from uppity restaurants
all day
to see what the Istanbullus eat

the basic idea is to
grill the stuff - mutton,chicken,fish or vegetables
and wrap a thin roti
or stuff this into a bun

the local method of cooking the meat
results in a
döner kebab
probably the national dish

here slices of lamb
with herbs and spices
is wrapped around a thick skewer
and cooked in front of a gas fire

pieces of meat
are sliced off from the block
and served with vegetables & yogurt

in the evening
they prefer fish sandwiches
bread stuffed with grilled fish

once i calculated
a man made 20 such sandwiches in a minute
at a kiosk by the Bosphorus where the ferries land
that's how fast they were being gobbled by the
people rushing off to their boats

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Tenzin said...

Hi Sudesh. Oh Istanbul.(Envy Envy) Would love to see some pictures and a travel map. Keep blogging.Cheers. Reshma & Tenzin