24 Jul 2007

Watching Julie Delpy in Paris

am a big fan of Julie Delpy since the days of Before Sunrise
that mind blowing film
about two people accidentaly meeting on a train
and spending the entire night walking around in Vienna
only to seperate (they promise to meet after a year)

what better way to celebrate my first day in Paris
watching her new movie
2 Days in Paris
a funny romantic comedy about
a french woman and her american boyfriend
who come to meet her family in Paris
slowly their relationship unravels
over the two days
before they rediscover why they fell in love in the first place

i reached in the morning
most of the places were closed
because of a monday
thats what i was told
(apparently the shops were open late into the night on Sunday)

but it was fun to walk in the rain
somehow we landed up at the Cinematheque
a modern glass structure with many cinema halls
where i caught this film

late in the night
i sat with my friend
waiting for aditi
at a cafe
many things
watching the world go by

1 comment:

gautam chintamani said...

You seem to be living it up...enjoy! The funny thing is that since you have been traveling you have been blogging regularly...long live the wire free world…