26 Aug 2007

Advantages of being a FILM STAR

Lessons from Slam Man Khan and Ganjoo Dutt

1. You can kill as many animals as you like. And people...
2. You can acquire an AK 56 for self defense. Never mind the only people after you are the producers who lost money in your films...
3.If the jail is too dirty, you can get a transfer, preferably to a jail where Mahatma Gandhi spent time during the freedom movement...
4. You family comes to meet you so many times it seems like home
5. The news people hang around 24/7 like it was the IIFA awards
6. You can periodically discover your faith when you are sent to jail
7. They can discover a new profession
8. When released on a technicality you can emerge out of the jail in ganji this setting a new fashion trend

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