28 Aug 2007

another reason to hate the 80's (Hindi film music)

i had earlier written why i hated the eighties
today just randomly i came across some data
where i realized this hatred was really something deep down
it was not just because of Jumping Jack or Bappi da
it was the all kinds of music coming out of Hindi films at that time
forced me to retreat to AIR golden oldies (songs from the 60's)
when i used to listen to radio late into the night

so i present my exhibits
the filmfare award winners
of the 80's
songs that really massacred melody and made you shut your ears to the lyrics...
and laugh into your pillow

1981 starts the trend ...

Best Lyrics
Anand Bakshi - Tere Mere Beech Mein (Ek Duje Ke Liye)

Best Male Playback
Amit Kumar - Yaad Aa Rahi Hai (Love Story)

Best Female Playback
Parveen Sultana - Hame Tumse Pyar (Kudrat)

1982 is the best sample !!!

Best Music
R. D. Burman (Sanam Teri Kasam)

Best Lyrics
Santosh Anand - Mohabbat Hai Kya Cheez (Prem Rog)

Best Male Playback
Kishore Kishore - Pag Ghungroo Baje (Namak Halal)

Best Female Playback
Salma Agha - Dil Ke Armaan (Nikaah)

1984 reaches lowdown ...

Best Music
Bappi Lahiri (Sharabi)

Best Lyrics
Hasan Kamal - Aaj Ki Awaz (Aaj Ki Awaz)

Best Male Playback
Kishore Kumar - Manzilein Apni Jaga (Sharabi)

Best Female Playback
Anupama Deshpande - Sohni Chinab Di (Sohni Mahiwal)

and of course there are other masterpieces over the years...

Best Music
Ravindra Jain (Ram Teri Ganga Maili)

Best Male Playback
Mohammed Aziz - Dil Tera Kisne Toda (Dayavaan)

Best Female Playback
Alka Yagnik - Ek Do Teen (Tezaab)

1989 (celebrating the year of the copycat and synthesizer music)
Best Music
Raam Laxman (Maine Pyar Kiya)

Best Lyrics
Asad Bhopali - Dil Deewana (Maine Pyar Kiya)

Best Male Playback
S. P. Balasubramaniam - Dil Deewana (Maine Pyar Kiya)

Best Female Playback
Sapna Mukherjee - Tirchi Topiwale (Tridev)

why did this happen after 1980 which gave us Karz?

one of the reasons is the rise of Amitabh as the superstar
where he starts doing action, comedy and romance in his films
one day somebody tells him that why don't you try your hand at singing????
then you have songs like "Mere Angane Mein"

the other is when film directors like Prakash Mehra and Sawan Kumar Tak start writing lyrics
you have songs like "Janoo Meri Jaan" and "Shaayad Meri Shaadi"

another reason probably was that the Salim Jaaved team split up and Jaaved Saab started writing lyrics like this out of depression i guess

or maybe it was just the use of synthesizers by almost every musician (that was the trend the world over (remember Europe & a-ha ?)

thank god for QSQT that music made a comeback into Hindi cinema and the 90's were bearable (more on that in another blog)

ps thanks to G who started me thinking on this


gautam chintamani said...

The only thing I can say about 80's (music and films) is that the flame dances wildly before going out.

Looking back I think that the best thing of the 80's was QSQT. Try watching the film today and its amazing how it still holds water.

By the way....Janoo Meri Jaan is Anand Bakshi.

Shyam said...

Ye gods...my amnesia had been protecting me all these years. Now I will spend the next few days re-living old Chitrahaars. Ugh!