18 Aug 2007

funny language

The car cleaners who work in our colony fall into different groups - Tamilians, Nepalis and Biharis. Each have their set of cars and do not poach on each other' s clients. Once in a while, this does happen and can lead to a crisis.

In the morning, I came across the Tamil group discussing such a problem scolding each other. One of the men had lost a car because a Nepali boy undercut him and the owner decided to save 50 bucks.

As I walked past the group I overtook a group of school boys walking to the local MCD school in the colony. One of them turned to me.

Boy: How funny - one can't understand what they are saying.

Me: I know what they are talking about.

They were curious. So I explained to them.

Still one them insisted.

Boy: But the way they speak it is so funny. These Madrasis speak funny

I had half the mind to tell him : Not as funny as you speak jat boy...

As he adjusted his bag and walked into the school, I thought, lets wait a while. Why spoil his fun? Let the winds of globalization take this boy to China. Or France. Or Swaziland. Maybe he will discover funnier languages as he goes along.

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Jyothi said...

I loved Mangal Pandey.The problem to my mind is that people by and large know very little about him and therefore cann't identify with him.His sentiments remain largely as a Brahmin's sentiments rather a national sentiment.But Aamir looked as good as any of his other roles.Probably only he could have done that role so convincingly.