18 Aug 2007

Shah Rukh vs Aamir Khan

going back home after a screening of Chak De
i got into a discussion with Aditi
about who is better – Shah Rukh or Aamir?

Shah Rukh the more popular one
but who looks the same in all his films
with the exception of Swades and Chak De
(remember the time when he refused to cut his hair for the role of a soldier arguing that people would not notice this detail)

Aamir who takes more risks
sets fashion trends (Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahi, Raja Hindiustani, Dil Chahta Hai)
but comes up with the inexplicable (the mooch in Mangal Pandey)

Shah Rukh who appears
once a year with a staple film
Aamir who retires to his hill
for two-three years
before appearing with a masterpiece
(OK forget Mangal Pandey)

Aamir whom you could call on
to act if you life depended on it
but by the time he is ready for his performance
Shah Rukh would have already charmed
your tormentors
and helped you escape

Shah Rukh whose each film
brings smiles to the producers (and tears for NRIs)
Aamir who took us to the Oscars

Shah Rukh who gives quotes
dime a dozen
Aamir who thinks long before answering
and then refuses to elaborate

once when we had to interview Aamir
for a BBC show
he insisted on a typed questionnaire
and then proceeded to answer sincerely
each question like it was a school exam

Shah Rukh with his off the cuff answers
that disarm the interviewer and the audience
(Are you Bi Sexual? No I am Tri sexual - I Try anything!!!)
Aamir who is always at war with the media

Shah Rukh seems to do
everything with ease
not at all awkward or conscious
Aamir it seems
is always scared how he is coming across

like the Muhammad Ali and George Foreman bout
or Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassy match
it has been a fascinating battle
in the last decade
each one out doing the other....

wonder who will come on top?

my bet is on Shah Rukh
what about you?

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