19 Sep 2007

10 things i learnt from Curse of the Golden Flower

1. The Tang Dynasty started the Punjabification of Chinese culture

2. Women in China adopted the Victorian style of dressing (many centuries before it became a rage in England)

3. Women when they went mad in China started embroidering chrysanthemums onto cloth

4. Every emotion could be expressed through quivering lips

5. Spiderman's ancestors originally came from China

6. People spent half their time getting dressed up

7. The Emperor's past time was to warm his ass using vessels full of medicinal concoctions slipped under the seat and simultaneously getting his back rubbed by a man (really go watch the movie !)

8. Always take your medicines on time else your husband will force it down your throat

9. Never watch a film in an afternoon slot...

10.Chinese directors are qualified to take up contracts for large weddings in India

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