1 Oct 2007

the choice for the oscars

so Eklavya it is

each year there is so much fanfare about
which film is nominated from India
and every year there is a controversy about the choice

this year Vidhu Vinod Chopra has strongly defended the choice of his film
and launched an attack on detractors who have claimed
that Chak De India or Dharm should have been the right choice

i think each year
we have the same questions
should we send the film that is most likely to win
or should we send the film that best represents India
in this case Dharm would fall into the first category
Chak De would be the ideal India film

but we also need to look at other films
in regional cinema like Dombivli Fast
which I thought was good for nomination
a year ago
but was ignored

this suspicious blog
says that the L A Times thought that
Eklavya looks like a "lost David Lean film"

Well I am not sure about that compliment
Eklavya actually looked like an exotic Hollywood movie made in the 50's

Maybe that might make it the right choice for pleasing the goras
but not for India

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