12 Sep 2007

Trek to Hamta Glacier

beyond Rohtang
the land is sparse
the road
long and winding
broken only
by the wind
that keeps whistling once in a while

the landscape
is such a contrast
just an hour back we were
climbing up from Manali
it was full of trees

base camp consisted of tents at chhatru
where we huddled in anticipation of the trek ahead

the trek along chandra river
into the hamta valley
up towards the glacier
when you are far away staring at the thing
it looks close
when the ascent starts you realize what
you have talked yourself into

of course like proper gora sahibs
you have porters to carry your stuff
still you struggle up the hill
while they skip along
slowing down only when you lose your way

the sky is always moody
threatening to rain
sometimes letting the sun come out
we reach the camp at the foot of the glacier
time for some for chai, biscuits
and quickly we jump into our sleeping bags
who cares we have to trek the whole way back tomorrow?


Tenzin said...

Sirji! You rock! Travelling half way round the globe and now for a trekking too!!! I admire you!

abhinandan said...

may i know about your profession

ifnotme said...

the oldest profession in the world - film making