29 Aug 2007

We are Number 2 !

According to this report India is No. 2 in terms of civilian gun arsenal. At present there are about 46 million arms being held by non police, non law enforcement people all over the country.


SHIT. Come to think of it, that's actually a bad idea...

p.s. since the state has not done anything about it till now, is this their idea of empowering people?


Anonymous said...

gives you more bang for your buck anyday naa! jaat boys zindabad...guns and other people's guts...only for jats after all!!!

Shyam said...

Tho' per capita there's a huge difference between between the US and India. So the chowkidaars can afford to walk around with a lathi 'cos 95% of the time, the person they catch and harass will be unarmed. In the US, it would be a really brave soul who would do guard duty without a gun except in places like Universities where the gun ownership likely to be lower.